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As I was browsing around the web for images of our school, I found several that gave me a sense of how things have changed.
I personally had been back to school only once - in 1978 - 12 years after I graduated, and with the exception of one additional building, the school looked much the same. I am truly astounded at the changes that have occurred since:

the old boarding house has been torn down and a new one erected near (around) the chapel, see pictures in the links below.

A swimming pool is part of a building (New Stafford Block) that was built on the site of the old boarding house. That building also houses the new Library (which just received a new paint job in August)
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There is a large Auditorium, and The Hall has been transformed into an administrative wing.

There are new labs, a Media Center, and several three story buildings for classes. The number of students has apparently risen to 7500.

There is a Cafeteria.

The Quad has been paved and a road for cars leads all the way to the Stafford Block.

There is a school bus service for the students

There are new sports uniforms and cheerleaders

New rules: no mobile phones in class:   OK?       

There are massive changes in the curriculum --  check out the official BCGS website HERE


BELOW: pictures I found on Facebook, in a group called Bishop Cottons
I cannot post these pictures here without the owner’s permission, thus all these links .porchsmll

girls at “waterfall”
science class room
the Tree in the Quad
Tree and paved quad
girls in class  
ISC girls
inside the cafeteria
girls in class    again   (2005)- is this Casual Friday?
group hug  (2005)

Gloucester & District Christian Choir Gloucester visits BCGS  - October 2, 2007
Pictures of Auditorium  (educated guess...)

Pictures on Flickr

Entrance Gate, St. Mark’s Road
Front of School
Sports Field
tire swing by Chapel
tiny Cottonians  (which part of school is that?)
walking into the Quad
looking through the widow into class
boarding house staircase and Chapel
sports field and Auditorium
Boarding House Court Yard
Chapel on a gloomy day

The following photos were taken by a guest student at BCGS and posted on Flickr with a Creative Copyright, allowing anyone to use them for non-commercial purpose. Many Thanks to “The Ticket Collector”! She posted the photos in Nov 2007.



                          15 minute break coming to an end. (click for large image)



                                           Morning Assembly  (click for large image)



                                     Speaker at Morning Assembly  (click for large image)

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