Cottonian girls offer glimpse into Kannada and culture The Times of India, 01-11-1998

Graduation Day   school picture, second article; The Hindu, 2002

Bishop Cotton Girls' School, Bangalore, won the Inter-School Basketball tournament 2003, The Hindu

Telling a story  The Hindu, 2003

It was the season of Cotton's Carillon, The Hindu, 2003  and

`Cotton's Carillon' from Friday

Way with watercolours  The Hindu, 2003

Bishop Cotton Girls' School, Bangalore, had their graduation ceremony on February 4, 2004  The Hindu

The Bishop Cotton Girls' School choir  The Hindu 2004

Talent show at `Extrava-danza 2004'    The HIndu

Saluting the miracle of independence 2005, The Hindu

The President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, talking to students of Bishop Cotton Girls' School 2004, The Hindu

Students pay tribute to India's independence, 2005, The HIndu

Bishop Cotton Girls School celebrated their Junior School Annual Prize Day on April 4 2005.   The Hindu

English as she is spoke  The Hindu 2005

Caring communities The Hindu, 2005

Bishop Cotton Girls School Basketball Team, Senior Girls  Jan 2009, The Hindu,

Graduation Day ceremony  Feb 2009, The Hindu

Bishop Cotton Girls Walk the Talk, August 30, 2011, The HIndu


Bishop Cotton Girls in the Press

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